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Your denied healthcare claims, handled.

Claimable is on a mission to ensure everyone gets the care they need and coverage they deserve. Our AI-powered platform analyzes clinical research, policy details, appeals data, and your personal medical story to generate and submit customized appeals in minutes.

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You are
not alone.

There are almost one billion health insurance claims denied in the U.S. each year. Navigating insurance is challenging–many people give up, but they shouldn’t.

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Get your expert appeal in minutes

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Upload denial letter

All we need to get started is your insurance information and denial notice.

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Answer simple questions

We'll ask you a few questions about the events leading up to the denial.

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Generate expert appeal

We compose an evidence-based appeal, supported by clinical research and your policy details.

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Submit & support

Our experts offer a guided review, then mail the appeal and support you through the process.

Why appeal?

Claimable makes it easy to create expert, evidence-based appeals so you can get back to what matters most without the added stress.


It's your right

Every patient has the right to challenge unfair denials, both on your own or as a compliment to a doctor appeal. We clarify your personal appeal rights and options, making it easy to act.

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It's effective

More than half of appeals are successful, and we boost success using our AI-powered advocacy platform to find evidence from  millions of policy, research, and appeal records

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It's easy

We make it easy and affordable to appeal denied health claims with appeals generated in just a few minutes. Don’t let appeals add stress to your life, sign up for early access.

Please do not share personal health information.

Thank you for sharing.
We will follow up via email soon.

Tell us
your story.

How can we assist you? We are conducting research to understand the real experiences of individuals whose insurance providers refused to pay a medical bill and want to hear your story.

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